10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without in the First Six Months of Having a Baby

10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without in the First Six Months of Having a Baby

I remember the day I went into Buy Buy Baby and we started the registry. Billy looked at me and said “do we really need all of this crap?” I admit I was very overwhelmed. What the heck are nipple flanges, and do I need to buy them? So, with that in mind, in no particular order here are my top ten couldn’t live without items that I used the mess out of in the first six months Jo was earth side. I have also made all the pictures shoppable by just clicking on them. I know, I’m so nice.

MAM Anti-Colic Bottles

These were amazing! The little rubber gasket at the bottom allow for air to come in but not to enter the milk/formula so baby isn’t gasping for air after each time she/he swallows. This reduced Josephine’s gas by about 50%

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit

While your baby May looks like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, this suit is perfect for the transition from swaddles to pjs. Josie sleeps like… a baby? It serves as sort of a weighted blanket, and stops babies from rolling over in their sleep as the material is pretty thick. They still have range of motion and can move arms and legs but I feel like it wears them out a bit and makes baby feel safe and snuggly.

The Boppy Lounger

Okay so the first three(ish) months of your baby’s life they’re going to be a floppy mess and they need to be supported and comfortable when not in the crib/bassinet or your arms. I relied heavily on this thing to just have her next to me on the couch (attended) while I watched TV. Please note, this was not an alternative to a bassinet and I did not use this as a place for her to sleep extended periods of time or while unattended. This was just so great when I needed my hands free and wanted to have her on the bed with me all comfy while I did laundry or watched tv etc. It was a life saver!

Velcro Swaddles

I remember laying in the hospital bed half asleep watching Billy make a pretzel out of our baby with a muslin swaddle. I wanted to badly to learn and to put her in the beautiful swaddles we had bought that were so gently crafted. But, eff it. These are so easy to use and baby gets a good tight swaddle. Mom win in my book. The muslin swaddles will make great light blankets I suppose 🤷🏼‍♀️

Vicks SpeedRead Thermometer

What’s funny about this, is I had purchased a super pricey forehead thermometer. I went to the pediatrician and they said to take the baby’s temp rectally. After trying multiple times with the forehead thermometer (which was a pain in the ass to figure out imo) I made a quick run to my local Publix to grab a rectal thermometer and this was all they had. Turns out it was THE BEST thermometer ever and I ended up leaving it in Kentucky. I tried to find a decent replacement but nothing was quite as amazing and fast as this and when you’re wrestling a baby with a LITERAL stick up their butt speed is your best friend. 10/10.

FridaBaby NailFrida SnipperClipper

For the first month I let Jo’s nails peel off, and then she grew talons she would use to scratch the back of my arm while I fed her like some sort of beast. So I used the clippers that came in a medicinal gift box I had been given, tried to clip one nail and caught her finger. She barely bled and I let her be. About 30 mins later I came over to her playing with her toys and there was little bits of blood everywhere like some sort of murder scene and she just looked up at me and laughed. She was fine, I was not. My sister recommended these and they’re amazing. The way they cut make it to where it’s nearly impossible to accidentally nip her precious little fingers and for that I’m grateful and a little less traumatized.

Gripe Water

It’s funny what you say you will and will not use when you’re pregnant. I was all “I’m exclusively breast feeding for a year, pacifiers will never be in my house, and I won’t use gripe water.” Oh what a sweet little duckling I was. When you’re exhausted at 3am because your snot goblin is shrieking from gas, you’ll pretty much do whatever you can to calm them and your sweet little rule book goes out the window. I actually didn’t buy this, someone bought it for me and I had it in the back of my cupboard. I ended up using the entire bottle in the first couple months and I’m so thankful that I did.

Angelcare Bathtub Support

I registered for a super fancy tub that you put in the tub or one the floor or wherever. It’s still under the sink and has never been used. This bad boy however was like $20 and we use it every time Jo takes a bath. We travelled with it, and it’s easy to clean. 5 stars!

Nuby Bottle Brush with Soap Dispenser

Bottles will become your best friend and your worst enemy. If you don’t plan on buying a sterilizer (we didn’t) you can simply use hot water and anti-bac soap. We did boil the nipples and smaller parts of the bottles but when it came to washing the bottles this was the absolute best. I used the heck out of it and still do. (I’ve bought multiple- I’m not gross)

Cup Holder for Stroller

You may have thought ahead and purchased a fancy pants stroller with cup holders built in. If you’re like me you didn’t even think about it and purchased one without them. My first walk with Jo, iced coffee in hand made me realize just how badly I needed this. I run with her too, and this helped keep hold of my keys, phone, and water bottle.

So there you have it! A comprehensive list of my personal necessities in the first six months of Jo’s sweet little life. ♥️

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